Nostalgic Italian Supper

To Beef or Not to Beef.

Family Style Dining Option

6 or more people

Main Menu & Nightly Special

Just you or include family and friends

Coffee Table Experience

5-6 people

Family Style Dining Option

For tables of 6 or more people Bar Manzo offers a family style dining option for those folks who don’t what to think.  You can simply arrive, have a little abundance of dining option over the course of your evening.

1st Course

Caesar Salad and Burrata Antipasto

2nd Course

Assortment of 3 different Pastas Chosen by the Chef
(and they may not even be on the menu).

3rd Course

Costata Di Manzo (Sliced Ribeye of Beef), Chicken Parmesan and Pan Roasted Salmon with Vegetable Accompaniments

4th Course

Dessert of the Day

Tax & Tip not included.  Parties of 6 or more will be subject to 20% Service Charge.

Our Main Menu

Antipasti, Insalata, Zuppa

Carne & Pesce

Entrees come with Caesar Salad or Zuppa, sub a wedge salad for 8. Steaks grilled on charcoal.

Any entrée accompaniment can be ordered as a side for 9.
*Please notify the server of any allergies, *consuming undercooked seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. 
No Substitutions Please

Party of 5 or 6?
Dine at the
Chef's Coffee Table.

Years ago when living in Manhattan, Chef Mergen and his wife Michelle would invite friends and colleagues to come over and have dinner… at their coffee table in their Harlem apartment.  The table was made by Crate & Barrel, and it was a prized possession of its time.   

There, at that massive table (it was big for a coffee table), Chef & his wife would entertain anywhere from six to eight people, cooking from a tiny kitchen, listening to Jazz, Pink Floyd or Lady Gaga and whatever else was suggested, sitting wherever they had space on storage cubes, consuming 4 to 8 courses, drinking copious amounts of wine in their modest apartment, located in Sugar Hill. 

Laid back dining for parties of 5-6 people

Now Chef Mergen offers you the opportunity to share some of the moments with your own group of 5 to 6 people at the coffee table, space located in the rear of the restaurant where friends and family can bring some vinyl, listen to music, share some stories, and enjoy some cuisine with no time constraints, away from the outside world.

Chef Mergen often thinks about these times, these fond memories, he spent cooking with friends around these different tables during his time in NYC. Whether he was cooking in his home, or at a friends kitchens, these times were special.

There is a new coffee table in MOHO.

To reserve your time, and find out the small print, send the Chef an Email at

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Chef Nathan D. Mergen

Chef Nathan D. Mergen is a (non) renowned culinary artist (not) known for his (non) innovative culinary approach to Italian cuisine. With a passion (sort of) for blending flavors and textures, Chef Mergen has made a name for himself (not really) in the culinary world through his creative dishes and dedication to quality ingredients. (Yeah, that part is true).

Throughout his career, Chef Mergen has honed (pirated) his skills in various prestigious kitchens (sort of?), mastering the art of gastronomy (not really) and pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking (of people not cooking). His culinary journey has taken him around the globe (the globe in his home) where he has drawn inspiration from diverse cultures and culinary traditions (true).

Chef Mergen’s commitment to sustainability and farm-to-table practices is evident in his cooking philosophy (most of the time), emphasizing locally sourced ingredients and seasonal produce. This ethos (big word) not only enhances the flavors of his dishes but also reflects his dedication to environmental responsibility (marginally).

Beyond his culinary prowess (another big word),Chef Mergen is also recognized for his mentorship and educational efforts within the culinary community (totally not true). He has been involved in training aspiring chefs and sharing his expertise through workshops and demonstrations (kind of true).

Chef Nathan D. Mergen continues to innovate (maybe?) and inspire with his culinary creations, leaving a lasting impact on the world of gastronomy (in MOHO).  His passion for food, coupled with his commitment to excellence, has solidified his reputation as a leader in the culinary industry. (Really, I just love people…most of the time.)